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Frequently asked Questions

Assistance with image search

How does the image search work?

The image search is based on keywords. You can search for images in our media center using keywords, full text search or file names. Enter a keyword in the search field. You can then decide whether you want to search for a keyword, file name or a full text. For example, if you need a photo of an employee working on an engine, enter "employee" in the search field. All available images will then be shown with an employee. You can add further keywords to your search by selecting them from the keyword list. If you add the addition "engine", all pictures with employees and/or engines will be shown. Already set keywords can be removed by clicking on the cross. Furthermore, you can search directly for image names or confirm your search by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Keyword cloud

You will find pictures on the most searched topics in the keyword cloud. It is used for a quick search and shows the most searched keywords. When a keyword is already set, you can use the search bar to add more keywords to your search and then refine it.


The user interface is available in German and English. When the page is first visited, the language is based on the browser being used. You can change the language individually at any time in the user interface. Keywords are recognized in German, English and a combination of both.


You can put together a collection of pictures in the so-called collection. You can download this collection as a ZIP file or send it as a link and recommend it to others.

Filter options

The filter bar offers you various filter options. For example, you can exclude images that are only intended for online media or whose image rights have already expired. Further filter options are the setting date using the timeline.

Download/ Recommendation

Download material (recommendation)

You can download single images as well as a whole collection by clicking on the download icon. You can choose between different file formats. Before downloading, you have to accept our user conditions. Please note in particular that images may no longer be used after the expiration date and must be deleted from all electronic storage media.

Format and resolutions

All images are always stored in the highest possible resolution. Due to legal and technical reasons, certain images may only be in available in a comparatively resolution. Especially for large-sized media, image resolutions are often required that are way beyond the available sizes. For such applications, the existing data (TIF) has to merely be scaled. This is usually carried out by an agency responsible for the production.

Sending files

You can send single images or an entire collection. Click on the send symbol and enter the e-mail address and a personal text. The recipient of the recommendation link does not have to be registered in the portal. The recipient of the deep link can only download individual images or image collections. The link is valid for 14 days from the date of dispatch. The recipient can download all file sizes. Please do not download the pictures and send them afterwards.

Image rights and licenses

Please pay attention to the following copyright information: All photos are free for editorial and private purposes. Each picture is marked with an individual copyright text (right). The pictures may not be combined or altered with other pictures. Furthermore the pictures may not be passed on to other people. The permanent storage on electronic systems is not permitted. After expiration of the application the pictures may no longer be used and must be deleted from all electronic storage media. In case of publication, please send a specimen copy to the following address: 
 Lufthansa Technik AG Corporate Communications Weg beim Jaeger 193 22335 Hamburg, Germany

Where can I find the copyright of the image?

It is important to always check the remaining term of the image rights. These are to be found in the detail view of each picture. The image may not be used after the license expires and must be deleted from all electronic devices. Make sure that the images used are valid for the entire term of your communication. The watermark "Check rights" shows you whether the image rights are expire within the next six months or have already expired.

Access rights

Users can see images depending on their permission group. If special image sections are required, please contact us using the contact form.

Login and registration

A registration is necessary to use all functions of the database. Enter your data and e-mail address in the form provided. All data will be processed according to data protection guidelines.

Change of data

All settings can be viewed and changed under the "My account" tab. For example, edit the password.

Change password / Forgot password

By clicking on "Forgot password" and entering your e-mail address you will receive a new password to the e-mail address you entered.